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Sudanese reicpes,
recipes prepared by the Happy Chief Cook.

  1. Shorba "Khartoem" (lamb soup)


DutchSHORBA "KHARTOEM" (Lambsoup)

This is an interesting soup.
It is a "half-full" soup with a glimmer of peanut butter and lemon.
The Sudanese do usually also rice in this soup, but can be omitted, because through the main course even rice is used.

Maybe 3 cloves garlic are something too much, so start with one clove and then test the soup, when it cooks, to see whether you want to have more garlic.

Shorba "Khartoum" (lamb soup), a recipe from Sudan prepared by the Happy Chief Cook.

Preparation Time: 135 minutes.
Serves: 8 persons.


600 grams lamb disks,
2 liter water,
2 teaspoons salt,
400 grams onions (peeled and cut in half),
300 grams carrots (scraped and sliced),
300 grams of white cabbage (cut into small pieces),
400 g string beans (cleaned and cut into small pieces),
3 cloves garlic (finely chopped),
4 tablespoons peanut butter,
1 lemon,
4-seasons pepper.

Additional ingredient:

125 grams of cooked rice.


Bring water to boil with the lamb discs and salt.
Let it simmer for 1 hours on low heat.

Add the onions, carrot, cabbage, string beans and garlic.

Bring it to the boil and let it simmer for 1 hour until the vegetables are cooked through and through.

Remove the lamb disks and puree the contents of the pan with a hand blender.

Then add the peanut butter which has been diluted with the lemon juice.

You can also add the rice.

Cut the meat small and add that to the soup.

Taste the soup and add 4 seasons pepper and salt to taste.

The soup is ready to serve.


You can add a half teaspoon of sambal badjak in each plate.
This spices it a little up.


Prepared by the Happy Chief Cook, added Januari 26, 2010.