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DutchANANAS CON VINHO DO PORTO (Pineapple with ruby port wine)

Ananans con vinho do porto, a recipe from Mozambique prepared by the Happy Chief Cook.

A wonderful end of a meal or with coffee or tea, later that evening.
The recipe can be prepared in the morning and does not need much time to be made.
The longer the pineapple in the Port Wine remains, the more the pineapple becomes permeated by the Port Wine.

With a fresh pineapple, you are busy about 15 minutes, and with canned pineapple about 5 minutes.
But a fresh pineapple is better. It has more flavor.

Preparation time : at least 4 hours.
Serves: 8.


1 large ripe fresh pineapple or 1 large can pineapple disks,
125 milliliters red port wine (ruby port)
cashew nuts.


With fresh pineapple :

Peel the large ripe fresh pineapple.

Cut the pineapple into slices of about 1 centimeter and remove the hard core.
Sprinkle sugar lightly on both sides of the slices.
Put them into a large bowl and pour 125 milliliters of red port wine over it.


Canned pineapple:

Collect de liquid from the can of pineapple (the pineapple juice, can be also drunk right away).
Remove the slices of pineapple from the can, and sprinkle some sugar on the bottom.
Then lay the slices of pineapple one for one back into the can with some sugar sprinkled between each disk.
Pour the can full with the red port wine.


Leave the bowl or container for several hours to rest.
Rotate the slices of pineapple regularly around in the red port wine.
Stir again, before you serve the pineapple on dessert plates.
Serve the dish with fork and knive.

Cashews are among the main products of Mozambique.
Therefore it is very appropriate, to sprinkle the cashew nuts over the pineapple.
Or serve them in an extra bowl for your guests.
Or as a snack later in the evening.

Tea or coffee:

The tea plantations are in the Zambezia province in Mozambique.
That is the reason why in the menu Zambezian tea and Angolan coffee is served.
Maybe you can buy in a large supermarket or speciality store these tea or coffee.
It would be an extra bonus to your dinner.
If not, then make the coffee or tea in your usual way.


Prepared by the Happy Chief Cook. Posted on April 3, 2011.