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DutchOYSTERS "MOMBASA" (fried oysters with wine-garlic sauce)

Nowhere are oysters tastier than on the east coast of Africa.

In Kenya, the oysters are opened and each oyster is served in its own small, porcelain ramequin (small container) or in a small container that looks like a miniature coaster.

There are 32 of these small containers to put on a flat dish with a bowl of dark, deep red cocktail sauce and lemon slices.

Mombasa, a beautiful town on the coast of Kenya, boasts the little oysters.

Oysters "Mombasa" (fried oysters with wine-garlic sauce. Prepared by the Happy Chief Cook. A dish from Kenya.

Servings: 3-4.
Preparation time: about 15 minutes.


1 small basket size 003 oysters (there are 12 oysters in a basket),
40 grams butter
1.5 cloves garlic,
80 milliliters Chablis (white wine) (ideal for shellfish),
1.5 tablespoon parsley,
0.33 teaspoon sea salt,
0.33 teaspoon freshly ground 4-season pepper,
2 drops Tabasco,
1 lemon.


Open the oysters carefully with an oyster knife *.

Hold with one hand the oyster between a folded kitchen towel, with the flat side up.

Insert the oyster knife into the hinge at the back of the oyster.

Pry the knife in and make a short rotating with the wrist so that the shell opens.

Cut the top and bottom shell along the crack separately so that the sphincter opens.

Remove the top half shell, pour off the oyster liquid and remove any grit.

Cut the oyster from the shell apart and put them in the lower spherical shell.

Put the shells on baking paper.

* The oyster knife is usually included with the oysters, but ask if it is there.

Without this special knife, the opening of the oysters is almost impossible.

Directions Wine-Garlic sauce:

Chop the garlic very finely.
Chop the parsley very finely.

Melt the butter and mix with the garlic, Chablis, parsley, sea salt, freshly ground 4-season pepper and the tabasco.

Preparation oysters:

Spoon half of above sauce (1 teaspoon per oyster) on the oysters.

Bake in the oven at 180 ° C, for 6-8 minutes.

Divide the rest of the sauce evenly over the oysters.

Serve immediately, 3 or 4 per person, with pieces of lemon, on a large plate.


Prepared by the Happy Chief Cook. Added February 20, 2010